One Year Hair Challenge: Let’s Go!

1 Março, 2016

Hey girls today we’re going to be talking about hair, about our wonderful hair that so much helps us frame our faces and give us a more elegant figure, but most of the time we mistreat a lot.

That’s how I got to the hair salon of my dear friend Thon (Studio Thon Eduardo), a little (very) despaired because I removed the hair extensions whom I like to wear to give volume and length but all that process and my lack of care led me to extremely damage hair.

And for that reason I went with some treatment ideas, colouring and going back to extension again to disguise what happened. We do this so many times, isn’t it girls? But that wasn’t exactly how it went down… After Thon did a hair analysis, the truth came: in order to have healthy hair I would really need to take care of it. And thus came: one yeah without hair extensions and a share of hair treatments. Relaxed? Yes, but healthy too. Yeah girls, it’s possible to have chemically treated and healthy hair. And so it begins my new adventure of taking care of something so important.

With that being said what you’ll see in the blog will be weekly hair care routines defined by Thon, as well as the products we use. (These are the products that my strands need, if  you want to know which are the right products for you contact Thon and book your hair analysis, he treats all hair types: “ I work with blonds, brunettes and black.” his words.


Summing up what’s been done in two weeks:

First week: Hair analysis, correct relaxer and nutrition based in amino acids, keratin and vitamin B5   using a flat iron steamed, then a long layered bob (not to remove much length, oh…) and finished with a shine spray. The products used were from the brands Alfaparf and BioExtratus.


This week was made a Gold Brush treatment with the Bloom Yellow product, which is based in Argan oil. To moisturise used a treatment ampoule and that also light the fibre through amino acids. This week the products used were from the brand Alfapraf, all sulphate free and other products that damage our hair.

So friends, follow me in this adventure where in addiction to this treatment it’s important to eat in quality; me and Thon are very assertive in this point! It’s necessary to improve in both aspects: caring for the hair and diet, everything is connected. Xoxo

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