Personal Experiences: When we mistreat ourselves

21 Janeiro, 2016

When we mistreat ourselves,

We forget about us,

We put an end in everything,

Work, kids, goals that used to be a priority in our lives,

And we word, work and work,

This lasts until the day that our body charge’s us:


Our heart beats faster,

Blood pressure increases,

We think we’re having a CVA,

And grows inside us the fear of dying,

And we think: I still have so much to do!

STOP! Our doctor says: work is not everything!

Others are not everything!

Learn to take care of yourself!

And what to do when all we know is to mistreat, forget and ignore ourselves?

It remains for us to listen what nature requires us: to take care of the most important person on Earth: Us!

 That’s right girls, today I leave you with a little bit of my personal experience from 2015 whom I fight until now. Who knows me personally knows I’ve been fragile in my health due to excess work and stress. And who doesn’t know me in person can tell I’ve slowed down a bit in my jobs both on the blog and other collaborations.

 This was necessary so I could rest mind and body and come back stronger than ever. This year you will not only see me talking about healthy eating habits and fashion but also about everything that’s good to me and above it all about everything that takes care of me.

 It’s my turn and I believe that just as me thousands of women (yes, because it’s typical of women) need to take care of themselves. And to say the truth taking care of ourselves is doing what we love and sometimes small gestures and spoils we can give ourselves.

I will share each pamper I use and hope it becomes an inspiration to you on the other side that are warriors but also need to be cared for. Friends let’s take care of us? Xoxo

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